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Below is a sampling of testimonials we have received from our customers and physicians:

 "I have quit on the QT."

Libertyville Illinois

“My name is Gail. I am an office manager for a medical office in Highland Park, Illinois. I have smoked one pack of cigarettes a day for 38 years and have tried to quit six times. I’ve tried the patch, gum, Zyban®, and hypnosis all to no avail. I have been using the QT-Watch™for the last 2½ weeks and have found this method is working. I have set my goals and smoking history easily into the watch and to my amazement each day I am smoking less than my allotted goal. I am looking forward to my quit date when I will become a non-smoker.”

– Gail
Arlington Heights, Illinois

“We know that continual monitoring and interaction is effective in combating nicotine addiction. The QT-Watch puts this technique where a patient is most likely to notice and benefit.”

– Dr. Jay Alexander
Cardiologist, Chicago

"I was feeling blue and I looked down at the watch and it said 'Believe in Yourself.' I know it's corny, but this made me feel much better. I like the watch because wearing it means I am going to quit this time."

– Karen
Designer, Chicago

“This watch could help people track their progress in much the same way doctors encourage patients to do…it could play a critical role in helping smokers quit. We do know that nicotine-replacement therapy is not effective unless it's used in conjunction with counseling. This could be a very helpful tool."

– Dr. Rob Kramer
Tobacco Free Nebraska


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